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Alternance – EBS Paris, European Business School


EBS Paris offers 2 years of work-study from the 4th to the 5th year among one of the following 3 specializations :


The work-study program at EBS Paris is accessible in the Master cycle (3 specializations International Business Management , Digital Business & E-commerce and Finance ) via the Concours Ambitions + .

  • 60 places open in parallel admissions.
  • 2 possible types of contract: professionalization contract or apprenticeship contract (CFA FormaSup Paris Ile-de-France).

Permanent candidates are admitted to stand

  • a diploma attesting to three years of study in European Higher Education for 180 ECTS credits (License, Bachelor type)
  • a certified level 7 title registered with the RNCP (National Directory of Professional Certifications)
  • a certificate of enrollment in a course of at least 4 years and justifying a certificate of complete success in the first three years of this cycle, issued by the institution (eg: American Bachelor of Business Administration).

What rhythm?

  • a pace adapted to the company: 3 weeks in a company and 1 week at EBS Paris * (75% of the time in a company – see the calendar at the bottom of this section)
  • Possibility of looking for an apprenticeship or professionalization contract
  • the duration is 24 months (4th and 5th years)
  • Training location: EBS Paris Campus This training fits perfectly into the EDIC (entrepreneurship, digital, innovation, creativity) signature of the school.

The work-study program allows students to immerse themselves in the business world while acquiring the theoretical and methodological knowledge of the expertise they have chosen. This approach encourages the employability of students upon graduation through relevant professional experience. It is an ideal “springboard” for entering the job market!

Beyond the expertise that these seeds of DTIS will acquire, it is a real ” mindset ” that they will develop.

What support?

Several tools are made available to students to help them find a company that suits them:

  • Collective workshops organized to build a mission search file (CV, cover letter, use of networks, simulation of interviews, etc.). You will be able to determine your key skills, assess your motivations and better identify and build your professional project;
  • Possibility of individual coaching as well;
  • Targeted offers : the work-study center of EBS Paris offers you contract offers in line with the school’s program and specializations.

– Work- study manager: Sandrine Sanna

Phone: +33 1 81 51 15 17


– Handicap Referent Contact: Sarah Lacroix



For more information on the subject, click HERE

What profile?

All students who have validated the first 3 years of the Grande Ecole Program and all those with a BTS, DUT or Bac + 3 who joined us in Parallel Admission via the Ambitions + competition

If the idea of juggling between 3 lives : personal, academic and professional attracts you, if you are demanding of yourself, that you are curious and have a good capacity of adaptation, that having a full agenda is not a brake, then you are ready to join this amazing experience!

What are the advantages?

Social openness: giving students with different profiles the opportunity to have access to a renowned management school and to have financial independence.

Professional openness: give quick access to the professional world , knowing that 100% of work-study trainees find a job when they leave school, learn to be part of a company, adapt to its culture and develop new skills as well as its network .

Service to the company: the idea is to provide companies with EDIC profiles inclined to adapt to their culture.

Joining EBS Paris on a work-study basis means joining the Business School which trains managers ready to take up tomorrow’s challenges with agility, by developing their passion for Entrepreneurship, Digital, Innovation and Creativity (EDIC) in an international environment.

ADVANTAGES FOR the work-study student

  • Access to employment more easily, thanks to the professional experience acquired in a company;
  • Supervised and sustained professional experience allowing real progress. The work-study student benefits from dual support throughout their contract: the work-study teacher (company referent) / the tutor (school referents);
  • Long-term company assignments;
  • Actual responsibilities entrusted by the company;
  • Personal and professional development;
  • Management of the cost of training by the company and monthly remuneration (employee status).


  • Total or partial exemption from employer and employee contributions of legal and contractual origin / tax credit.
  • Work-study welcome bonus: € 8,000 paid by the State “under certain conditions”.





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Updated 15 December 2021