The health situation somewhat hampered the obtaining of internships from our students. Faced with this observation, we have decided to replace the internship, when it cannot be done, by a civic engagement.

Our students need to take action and feel useful, what could be better for that than volunteering? The period lends itself to this: participating in the food distribution, telephoning the elderly to find out if they need anything, helping children with homework, collecting food from supermarkets, etc. The actions are very varied and can be stacked.

All these missions also have the interest of developing soft skills: helping others means gaining more self-confidence, learning to put things into perspective, to develop empathy and a sense of the collective.

This civic commitment is materialized by an activity report, instead of the internship report. It is also the subject of an oral where the student can explain his missions and all that this has brought him.

Updated 16 December 2021