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This specialization, transversal to all functions of the company, allows the development of expertise and digital skills sought by companies. The program covers both digital business strategies and e-commerce practices. Through their training, students learn to:

  • Define a digital strategy, manage and pilot an e-commerce project.
  • Analyze the new Business Models of the digital economy
  • Define and understand marketing and digital communication
  • Audit a commercial website and formulate strategic and operational recommendations
  • Analyze website statistics and generate traffic
  • Know, conquer and retain hyper-connected customers
  • Set KPIs and calculate an ROI for digital communication actions, especially on Social Networks
  • Execute and deliver digital business / marketing consulting work.
  • But also: program, create and manage an ergonomic website with an attractive design, visit leading companies in their fields, etc.

The courses are taught by recognized experts in their fields (Chief Digital Officer, Chief Data Officer, Researchers in digital economy, Project managers, Product managers, Social media managers, Recognized trainer in SEO, CRM directors, etc.). Learning is also done in project mode with partner companies that propose issues related to their immediate business concerns. They are also very involved in the evaluation of our students.



During this first year of specialization, students are offered theoretical courses and practical applications through case studies and professional projects. In addition to specialization courses in digital, students benefit from other courses in organizational strategy, management, marketing strategy, team management or project management in order to have a global managerial vision and to address all facets of the business. strategy.


All the courses are specific to the specialization and aim to bring the students to be able to lead a global digital strategy, to master the techniques of digital business whatever the field of activity.

  • Master digital techniques, from SEO to datamining
  • Establish strategic choices in digital marketing: communication, distribution, and customer relations
  • Lead online and offline innovation strategies and projects, understand new internet business models
  • Manage a team and / or a project in a multi-channel context


  • Course / TD,
  • Classroom case studies,
  • Group work during the (school) period alternating with EBS,
  • Interventions by professionals
  • Individual or group defenses following research and / or studies requested by the professors (use of online libraries such as Cyberlibris),
  • “Learning center” available to students: digital databases accessible online such as Scholarvox, Xerfi, Cairn, EBSCO etc.
  • Individual works


The teaching modules comprise an individual assessment in the form of a written examination or an oral presentation, to which may be added an assessment of the student’s participation / presentations in the work carried out in class.

The written exam largely consists of an individual reflection by the student on topics covered during the lessons, which implies having understood the concepts studied in class, but also being able to describe their implementation of practical way in a real case indicated in the subject of the exam.


  • Chief Digital Officer
  • Social Media Manager
  • Digital Brand Manager
  • Traffic manager
  • CRM-Loyalty Manager
  • Acquisition manager
  • E-commerce project manager
  • Web SEO Officer
  • Brand Content manager
  • E-store Manager
  • UX Manager



ABOUT EBS: I joined EBS Paris directly after the Bac. I chose her for the 3rd compulsory year abroad and for her alumni network. The training is designed to ensure optimal employability.

The key points of this employability are in my opinion: compulsory internships, international, concerning me one semester of studies in Madrid and Edinburgh, and one year, (between my 4th and 5th year) working in London; without forgetting the projects and practical cases with tight deadlines very similar to those of professional life.

ABOUT THE MASTER: All my internships have been linked to the web. It is therefore natural that I chose the Digital Business and E-Commerce specialization. I appreciated the very concrete aspect of the program and the intervention of experts.

At the end of my studies, I joined Addict-Mobile, a web performance agency in Paris. I have helped a multitude of gaming advertisers manage their acquisition campaigns. I then joined Google in April 2015 where I supported major accounts in Europe Middle-East Africa (EMEA) in their App Promotion strategy. I mainly intervene on topics affecting the customer experience on mobile and I advise them on the optimization of the journey in order to increase the income of the mobile activities.

A STRONG MEMORY: The year abroad was for me one of the most vivid memories of my studies. An enriching experience which allowed me to discover and work with other cultures in a different environment.

Updated: January 2021

Updated 15 December 2021