EBS PARIS / ECE PARIS: Signature of an “Engineer-Manager” double-degree agreement

June 30, 2016

On Monday, June 20, Delphine Manceau , Director of ebs Paris and Christophe Baujault , Director of ECE Paris, signed an “Engineer-Manager” double degree agreement on the Eiffel Campus.

This agreement allows students to validate a complete and highly sought-after profile on the market today by having multidisciplinary skills complementing those acquired in their original training. Students enrolled in this course will be awarded the following two diplomas, bac + 5 level, after having satisfied the requirements of the evaluation methods:

  • Engineer diploma ECE Paris, authorized by the Commission des Titres de l’Ingénieur.
  • Ebs Paris Grande Ecole diploma, Master degree.

For Delphine Manceau “ This double degree is part of a desire for more global cooperation between ebs Paris and ECE Paris. For ebs Paris, which trains innovators and entrepreneurs from around the world, which is very digital and creative, teaching students to cooperate with engineers and offering the possibility of having a dual engineer-manager training is an asset. essential in the labor market.

For Christophe Baujault “ This double-degree between ECE Paris and ebs Paris strengthens the already fruitful links between our two schools, particularly in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation in student projects. It embodies the shared vision that an Engineer-Manager training is a sought-after and essential skill in the digital transformation of companies.


By integrating this double-degree, engineering students from ECE Paris will acquire skills in management and management sciences, while specializing in one of the 7 specializations offered by ebs Paris.

As for the students initially registered at ebs Paris, this double degree course will allow them to specialize in 3 major of the ECE Paris:

  • Finance and quantitative engineering
  • Information systems, big data and security
  • New energies and environment

Students are selected on the basis of the excellence of their file and the relevance of their professional project. In total, this ebs Paris-ECE Paris double degree course will take 6 years for a pupil who has joined one of the two schools after the bac.


  • 2350 students over 5 years
  • Founded in 1919 in the heart of Paris, ECE Paris is recognized by the State and authorized by the Commission des Titres d’Ingénieurs (CTI) to issue the ECE Engineer diploma.
  • Member of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles (CGE), of the Conference of Directors of French Engineering Schools (CDEFI), of the Union of Independent Grandes Ecoles (UGEI), of Campus France.
  • A 3-year apprenticeship section
  • International: 125 agreements signed with major international universities 100% of students go abroad during their studies
  • 3 research departments in high technologies
  • Alumni network: 7,100 graduates
  • 9 out of 10 students recruited before the end of their studies.

ABOUT EBs PARIS, Business and management school

  • Since 1967, ebs Paris has been training entrepreneurial and daring managers
  • Targeted Bac + 5 diploma with a master’s degree
  • 30 permanent teachers and 120 professional speakers
  • Possibility of courses 100% in English over 5 years
  • Up to 18 months of study in foreign universities
  • 70 partner universities around the world
  • More than 7,000 alumni, 40% of whom work internationally
  • 97% of graduates are active within 6 months of leaving school
  • 17% of 2015 graduates created their business during or at the end of their studies
  • A campus in the heart of Paris, close to the Eiffel Tower
Updated 14 December 2021