This specialization is a general preparation for trades in international trade, that is to say to be able to manage market / product developments, teams and organizations in an international framework.

At the end of this course, students will have acquired the following skills:

  • Understand global business development strategies
  • Knowing how to innovate in new international and digital markets
  • Knowing how to manage international commercial management processes
  • Knowing how to communicate and manage people in an international context

The courses are taught by recognized experts in their fields. Learning is also done in project mode with partner companies that propose issues related to their immediate business concerns. They are also very involved in the evaluation of our students.



During this first year of specialization, students are offered theoretical courses and practical applications through case studies and professional projects. In addition to specialization courses, students benefit from other courses in organizational strategy, management, marketing strategy, team management or project management in order to have a global managerial vision and to address all facets of strategy.


All courses are specialization-specific and aim to equip students to be able to conduct business at an international level, with the appropriate skills in the areas of project management, marketing, human resources, finance. .

They should be able to:

  • Identify and exploit potential in a global market
  • Establish strategic choices for an international location (area, shape, etc.)
  • Conduct international negotiations (call for tenders, etc.)
  • Manage a team and / or a project in a multicultural context

Please note that all 5th year courses are in English as well as all 4th year pre-specialization and specialization courses.


  • Course / TD,
  • Classroom case studies,
  • Group work during the (school) period alternating with EBS,
  • Interventions by professionals
  • Individual or group defenses following research and / or studies requested by the professors (use of online libraries such as Cyberlibris),
  • “Learning center” available to students: digital databases accessible online such as Scholarvox, Xerfi, Cairn, EBSCO etc.
  • Individual e-learning work


Each module comprises an individual assessment in the form of a written examination or an oral presentation, to which may be added an assessment of the student’s participation / presentations in the work carried out in class.

The written exam largely consists of an individual reflection by the student on topics covered during the lessons, which implies having understood the concepts studied in class, but also being able to describe their implementation of practical way in a real case indicated in the subject of the exam.

This program is followed by Dr. Ahmed DAMMAK


EBS Paris awards a Master degree and RNCP title at level 7 – Ref. RNCP35177

Définition de la stratégie de développement de l’organisation dans son environnement international

B5S3C1 Identify opportunities for the international development of an organization’s activity, on the basis of socio-economic monitoring, studies and analysis of potential partners and suppliers.

B5S3C2 Measure the potential of an international market based on the identification and analysis of the criticality of risks linked to the economic, legal, political, geopolitical situation and to the cultural specificities of a country or a geographic area. Develop a risk matrix allowing the general assessment of country risk.

Conduite des projets de développement à l’international

In order to identify new sources of growth and social, economic and environmental progress,

B5S3C3 Define the international strategy and / or change of scale of the project to be implemented for the purposes of accelerating growth and / or solidarity

B5S3C4 Develop the internationalization plan according to previously defined criteria in order to optimize the deployment of projects

B5S3C5 Develop international development actions in terms of the use of financial, logistical and HR resources according to the objectives to be achieved

B5S3C6 Organize prospecting and negotiation strategies in an international, multicultural and multilingual context with the objective of optimizing the efficiency of projects

Management et animation des équipes projet multiculturelles et pluridisciplinaires.

In a spirit of support, promotion and capitalization of new modes of collaboration and in order to promote acculturation:

B5S3C7 Define and deploy the structure and organization of multicultural teams

B5S3C8 Instill in multicultural project teams the appropriate values, behaviors and attitudes in order to promote effective and efficient organizations

B5S3C9 Coordinate and manage relationships with everyone, taking into account their cultural specificities and adopting a conflict prevention approach.


  • Export Manager
  • Market / Product Manager Zone Manager
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • International Junior Consultant
  • International Project Assistant
  • Brand Content Executive
  • Trade Marketing Assistant Manager
  • International Finance Analyst
  • International HR Consultant

Updated: January 2021

Updated 15 December 2021