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Internships in the Grande École Program

1ère Année – Le Stage Commercial/Vente – 2 à 3 Mois

The aim of this course is to discover the practice and the stakes of the sales function (sales department, stores, store…) of a company and to apply the theoretical knowledge acquired in class.

2ème Année – Le Stage Optionnel – 2 à 3 Mois

This internship is optional because of the international departures from the1st semester of the3rd year which can occur at the beginning of the summer.

Nevertheless, for those students who wish to do so, we deliver an internship agreement allowing them to enrich their CV at the end of thesecond year.

3ème Année – Le Stage International – 6 Mois

The objective of the international internship is to allow the student to become familiar with structures, procedures and cultures that are different from his/her usual environment.

It constitutes an original professional and academic experience in the EBS Paris program. This international mission experience is designed to meet four educational objectives:

  • Putinto practice the lessons learned during the previous semesters through an operational mission that meets a need of the company and a choice of the student who thus finds an opportunity to clarify his or her orientation choices
  • Discover cultural and professional environments
  • Develop new personal skills
  • Report an experience through an academic framework by producing an analysis and a synthesis in different formats

4ème Année – Le Stage de Spécialisation – 5 Mois

The objective of the Specialization internship is to put the student in a real situation of professional insertion in a predefined field of expertise. This internship allows you to create or complete a specific experience that is a real springboard for the final internship.

5ème Année – Le Stage de Fin d’Études ou de pré-embauche – 6 Mois

The end-of-studies internship is a real professional probation in relation to the student’s personal project. Thus, during this internship, the student will have to use the professional knowledge he has acquired in his field of specialization and demonstrate his ability to adapt, to work in a team, to progress and bring added value to the company and transform his internship into a job.

Updated 29 April 2022