Companies aiming to expand and establish their business abroad need managers who are trained to deal with international scenarios and knowledgeable about the concepts and theories shaping business practices in the 21st century. Never has business been more complex than today. Thus, training and know-how are extremely important to succeed in international business.

Our program will develop your skills and hone your knowledge to not only work well and efficiently, but to lead. Global markets are changing rapidly. Such evolution can only be tackled through talent, efficiency, leadership and vision.

During the program, you will be faced with both a blend of the fundamentals of business management as well as the real situations faced by managers today. Our students will be pushed to express their vision of the world as relates to business, as well as create and defend their well-developed strategies and important choices. Everything is choice.

Thus, the EBS MSC in International Business Development will expose you to the array of choices to consider, provide you with the business skills to implement decisions, and help you develop the mindset needed.

Skills development includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Cross-border leadership through the elaboration of a global growth and development plan
  • Growth management through targeted, country-specific marketing plans
  • Business creation through specific project management exercises to build the proactive, entrepreneurial mindset
  • European framework development through the elaboration of adequate sourcing and partnership strategies in line with relevant legal regulations
  • Cultural diversity knowledge and culture-specific negotiation skills.


– To provide students with an international vision of business management, particularly as regards new economic and societal challenges

– To prepare students to easily and effectively (re) enter the labor market by giving them the practical tools and management training to work in an international context

– To enable students to know how to lead necessary changes in their company’s operations and strategy through innovative learning methods and up-to-date courses, particularly as concerns digital technology applied to business


– University or business-school graduates (with international diplomas equal to France’s BAC + 3 or BAC + 4)

– University or Master’s school graduates (French BAC + 5) seeking further education and skills in International Business Management

– Seasoned professionals and managers seeking to improve their career options through greater knowledge and training

– Foreign graduates of qualified and accredited institutions also seeking to improve their careers

– Individuals who have formal justification of their professional skills and training through VAP processes (Validation of Professional Experience).

– Through this program, one obtains a Master’s degree in ‘ Business and Organizational Management .’


The International Context: Current International Challenges | Geopolitics and International relations | Designing the Future of International Companies

Labor and International Management: Intercultural Management | International Human Resource Management

International Development and Institutions: International Business Law | Lobbying and International Business | International Trade Institutions:

International Marketing Development: International Marketing Strategies | E-commerce and Digital Marketing, International focus | International B-to-B Marketing

Financial International Specificities: International Accounting Standards and Comparisons | Financing International Businesses

International Operations Management: International Distribution Management | International Supply Chain Management

International Strategic Management: International Strategic Development | International Project Management | Consulting Project

Seminars and conferences | International Negotiation Seminar | Conferences


– Import / Export Manager

– Export Sales manager

– International Sales Manager

– International Project Manager

– Import / Export Buyer

– International Business Manager

– Consultant in International Trade & Operations


We accept applications and admit applicants throughout the year for intakes in October. That being said, we highly advise students to apply as early as possible for the respective intake as class sizes are deliberately limited to ensure maximum academic performance.

  • Duration: 12 or 24 months
  • Location: Paris
  • Format: Full time
  • Courses start: October 2021
  • Tuition Fees: € 10,750 / year


Dr. Ahmed Dammak – Program Director

The International Business Development Program will take you out of your comfort zone and give you the operational knowledge you need to develop your career as an international manager. EBS Paris is the springboard and ‘the place to be’ for ambitious students aiming for the entire world. We will offer you new experiences and cultural exchange with people of many other nationalities, all of them sharing the same desire to improve their career opportunities and change society. The courses, practical exercises and development strategies of the EBS IBD MSc are designed to improve your careers and your opportunities within the International labor market. By the end of the program, you will have all of the keys you need to be even more competent managers or to set up business where you see fit.

It is a great opportunity that you should not miss!

Updated 16 December 2021