EBS Paris is in contact with many partner companies in the following sectors: commerce, finance (banking; audit; insurance; wealth management), finance, luxury goods, media, etc.

Les partenariats entreprises se manifestent sous différentes formes :

  1. Participation in Corporate Relations events within the school:
    • Career Forum – Internships
    • Job Dating – Alternation
    • Business Round Tables
    • Junior Consulting in direct contact with teachers (Business Cases; Projects)

  1. Financial participation in the development of the school:
    • Payment of apprenticeship tax
    • Sponsoring, in particular for student associations
    • Research chair
  1. Strategic participation in the development of the school
    • By becoming a member of the Advisory Board
    • Involvement with the EBS Paris incubator:
    • Animation of thematic workshops
    • Participation in the supervision of entrepreneurial projects
  1. By participating in the recruitment of new promotions as a jury during the competitions.
Updated 14 December 2021