YEARS 1, 2 AND 3

During the international cycle, the student carries out up to two academic semesters abroad and a period of immersion in a company abroad (international internship).

This course can be done with different articulations:


The second year takes place, at the choice of the students, in London, Geneva or Paris on the campuses of the School. The courses are identical in the three cities with a local adaptation of the content: for example a course “How the City works” and “Doing business in the UK” in London, and workshops around creativity and digital in Geneva.

The 3rd year is devoted to international experience: thanks to double degree agreements with our partners, ebs Paris offers the choice of spending a full year in an Anglo-Saxon university in order to obtain the international Bachelor degree. .


During the last two years of specialization, the student refines his professional project and prepares his integration into the international job market. They carry out another period of immersion in a company, of 6 months or can also opt for a new academic semester with one of the school’s university partners.

The end-of-study internship allows the student to put into practice all the knowledge and skills acquired during his studies and to test his motivation or his taste for a function, a sector of activity and / or a country by occupying a function in a “junior” position during the duration of the internship. This (from 20 weeks to 6 months) allows you to apply for missions defined precisely in terms of objectives and timetable. Students can also opt for a long-term professional internship abroad or engage in an academic semester which may, in some cases, be extended with the partner by a semester of further study and obtaining a Double Degree.

The student can do a so-called “end of studies” internship during semester 10, which generally corresponds to a pre-employment period. In the 5th year, the programs are offered to students according to their specializations and according to their chosen professional orientations.



Grâce aux accords d’échanges de l’ebs Paris, j’ai passé un semestre à la London School of Economics.
« J’ai été plongée dans une atmosphère très cosmopolite et multiculturelle. Certains de ceux avec qui j’ai étudié sont devenus des amis et ce réseau personnel se révèlera utile, à l’avenir, d’un point de vue professionnel. C’est notamment grâce à cette expérience à Londres que j’ai obtenu un stage varié, enrichissant et professionnalisant, dans une agence de communication. Avec cette expérience, pour la suite, tout est ouvert et possible en France ou à l’étranger. »

Updated 15 December 2021