This specialization responds to a growing demand from companies for graduates with a Bac + 5 level, with skills in the techniques and practices of finance, consulting and banking.

On the one hand, it makes it possible to acquire transversal skills in corporate finance and market finance and to consolidate theoretical knowledge through a practical approach. It trains students who are responsive to the latest market developments and have a high level of technical background. And on the other hand, it opens up professional prospects in the financial departments of companies, banks and investment banks, audit and consulting firms, market companies, investment firms, management companies. assets, insurance companies and large corporations.

The courses are designed to provide students with in-depth knowledge, both theoretical, quantitative and operational. They are taught by a faculty made up of teacher-researchers and professionals, all of whom have recognized expertise in their field of intervention. They make it possible to consolidate fundamental and operational knowledge of finance, methodology and decision-making.



During this pre-specialization year, it is offered to students in the first semester, courses in finance for a global understanding of the business environment and financial markets and for the mastery of portfolio management and control tools. management.

In the second semester, specialization courses are offered on business valuation, financial institutions, IFRS and advanced management control. A TOSA VBA certification is also on the program for this semester.

In addition, we provide students with skills through joint courses from other departments such as management, entrepreneurship, marketing and communication; and new challenges such as CSR, sustainable development and digital.


All the courses are specific to the specialization and aim to bring the students to be able to quickly exercise responsibilities in the trades of financial analysis, cash management, control and audit, management assets and heritage advice, and therefore allows:

  • In-depth knowledge of the environment of international financial institutions and regulations
  • An applied understanding of how business, banking and consulting firms operate, and the impact of strategic decisions
  • The study of financial innovations through FinTech
  • The development of behavioral and methodological skills
  • The use of econometrics applied to finance and professional tools (trading room)
  • The possibility of preparing for recognized professional certifications (AMF).


  • Lectures
  • Classroom case studies
  • Group work during the alternating (school) period at EBS Paris
  • Individual or group defenses following research and / or studies requested by the professors (use of online libraries such as Cyberlibris)
  • Individual e-learning work


Each module includes an individual assessment in the form of a written examination, to which may be added an assessment of the student’s participation in the work carried out in class.

The written exam largely consists of an individual reflection by the student on topics covered during the lessons, which implies having understood the concepts studied in class, but also being able to describe their implementation of practical way in a real case indicated in the subject of the exam.

This program is followed by Dr. Mohamed KOSSAI


EBS Paris awards a Master degree and RNCP title at level 7 – Ref. RNCP35177

Réalisation d’une analyse financière et boursière d’une entreprise

B5S2.C1 . Interpret and read the main financial statements of the company.

B5S2.C2 . Analyze financial performance ratios

B5S2.C3 . Understand the links between market and corporate finance

B5S2.C4 . Mastering IFRS principles and standards

Identify the main valuation indicators of a company

B5S2.C5. Interpret the company’s strategic choices in terms of accounting treatments and their impact on the objective valuation of the company

Identification de repères dans un monde complexe et innovant

B5S2.C6 . Identify financial innovations through the development of FinTech and information technologies

B5S2.C7 . Analyze the competitiveness and performance factors of a FinTech

B5S2.C8. Knowing the weight of FinTech in the rise of the new economy in France and around the world

B5S.C9 . Analyze the impact of FinTechs on the ecosystem and the banking and finance professions in the short and medium term

B5S2.C10 . Take a strategic perspective on the advantages and limits of FinTech in a highly competitive international financial context.


  • Financial Analyst
  • Auditor and Internal Controller
  • Wealth manager
  • Management control
  • Banking advisor / Account manager
  • Financial framework
  • Treasury manager
  • Project finance analyst
  • Refinancing Treasurer / Manager
  • Risk manager
  • Trading stocks, fixed income products
  • M&A analyst (finance departments of large groups and investment banks)

EBS Paris is a member of: Finance Innovation, a global competitiveness cluster dedicated to supporting and growing innovative projects for the competitiveness of the French financial industry.

Updated: January 2021

Updated 15 December 2021